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i believe the acts and tactics of the SEC individuals should be  investigated in the manner of which they lied to investors of weida and harrassed with many phone calls to drum up complaints against the brokers.I believe the SEC as well as District Attorneysnow go after the people that orchestrate and commit illegal and
unethical acts and once caught and have to pay the price, The SEC and
dist atty office then look for body count and believes the word of
convicted felons over the individuals that were unknowingly and
without consent involved in acts and undergo persecution, grief and
loss of respect, income and sometimes family because of unrelenting
pressure and accusations by the SEC and dist atty offfice. I believe they do not operate for justice but only to
build their resume and want a notch on their belt at any cost.

If there is anything to investigate, then it may be why Anthony
Giordano and Joseph Zumwalt, Weida's CFO have plead guilty to Weida's
stock manipulation  but yet are not named in the civil suit. Sounds
like they are cooperating here. I dont know for what reason? to not be
put in a civil suit and have to pay restitution. the brokers were not
prosecuted criminally in giordano's and zumwalts criminal case,why?
giordano and zumwalt did not mention their names at all in their case
but as a matter of fact in arguing sentencing stated they did not have
control or act with brokers so they could keep their sentencing
guidelines down. zumwalt in fact cooperated against  giordano and was
told by prosecution he was going to receive probation did not mention
the brokers at all in the case. zumwalt received 5 years and has been
spewing lies in an attempt to have his sentenced reduced.This from an honorable man who sat on his computer and month after month and for several years made phony statements on his computer to reflect increasing values for the hedge funds investors. yet he claimed he was not involved.I should also add, zumwalt and giordano case involved them in  embezzling 5 million from a hedge fund that they managed. i would imagine brokers by stock
to build there position for the reason that if the deal works out the
would stand to make a huge amount of money for clients and themselves
and have a larger amount of capital to work with clients on future
deals. that is after all the only reason to do private deals and buy
stock in the open mkt. not every broker buying small companies and stock is trying to manipulate the market.  this is clearly a battle reminiscent of David and Goliath. lets hope the little guy wins for justice sake.

The SEC filed this lawsuit based on the lies of convicted felons Anthony Giordano and Joe Zumwalt. Giordano was the largest shareholder in weida communications and plead guilty to manipulating weida's stock. Joe Zumwalt was Weida's CFO. The SEC has many unfounded claims in their complaint. This comes after a 2 year plus investigation by the SEC lying and harrassing shareholders of  Weida Communications about the brokers mentioned in the complaint. In Spite of the SEC's witch hunt in this case, what they fail to mention is giordano and zumwalt, specifically giordano's  disciplinary history and ban from the securities business and sanctions and fines paid by giordano going back to 2002. However, giordano was all over the sec filings of SCL ventures and weida and the SEC failed to act and protect investors and waited to do their investigation until after the company went public on the bulletin board.In addition, The individuals referenced were compensated for their work in raising capital for the company and actually worked directly for the company but did not have any hand in the day to day mgmt or operations of the company and were led to believe that everything was on the up and up and legal as a result of directly questioning SCL's and Weida's mgmt  including Giordano and Zumwalt.. Every investor received the proper amount of shares in stock certificate form. Once the stock started to trade the individuals then working at a brokerage firm do what brokers do, they bought stock on the open mkt in the company, continuing to build their position with freely traded stock because the private placement shares ere restricted. Should the company come out with news of acquiring contracts or anything substantial the stock would trade higher short term and would result in a good trade. After all, the company was in a hot sector at the time, CHINA.  Furthermore, what jurisdiction does the SEC have to include anyone's activities or hobbies in their personal life in a complaint filed with court and posted on their site for everyone to see. That is very low and shows no class. Here's to the SEC  believing the liars and thiefs of the world just to get a notch on their belt. good job.

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